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Ocean System has been designing, building and distributing high quality submersible marine equipment for nearly 25 years. In this time we have established our products and company reputation as industry leaders in both quality and value. We can provide solutions for just about any underwater or harsh environment Our sales and customer service team has decades of experience in providing off the shelf systems as well as customized systems to solve your needs or wants. Feel free to contact us by email or phone with any questions you may have about our equipment or underwater video in general.

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Everyone to date has a hard time believing that I am still using the same camera system since 1999. I first started using the Deep Blue Pro SplashCam while I was working in Iceland on the Keiko Project for Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Ocean Future Society. I remember my excitement as the system was very portable, something I had never seen before and I could get the lens exactly where I wanted without Keiko, the Killer Whale, ever noticing.  I even used it to capture Keiko swimming out of his bay pen & into Klettsvik Bay for the first time.

Over the years I have used the same Deep Blue Pro system in a variety of environments capturing a wide range of natural history events as well as utilizing it for commercial diving inspections and the camera always produces a quality image with a minimum investment in set up time and deployment.  We are currently using the Deep Blue Pro today to enhance and improve the training programs at the Kirby Morgan Pro Dive Center; where we train Public Safety Divers in the use of Surface Supplied diving equipment.  

The field of view and throw of the camera is exceptional and covers well over 75% of our training tank with tack sharp focus.

Customer service has been outstanding and I have found that there is no match to your SplashCam camera system and that is why I am using it still today 15 years after I first lowered the Deep Blue Pro under the surface of the water off the coast of Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland.

Blair Mott
Dive Training Manager
Kirby Morgan Pro Dive Center


"As the Directors of Photography for Discovery Channel's "Deadliest Catch" we have the responsibility to bring home high quality professional images that will be viewed by tens of millions of people worldwide. This is an awesome responsibility considering the incredibly harsh environment that we work in. All of our photographic systems are challenged by salt water, freezing spray, and violent collisions with hydraulic cranes and swinging crab pots - not to mention the times that we loose our footing and fall or get washed across the deck by waves. In this crazy environment our most reliable tool has always been the SplashCam" "I should also mention that we get more than awesome cameras from SplashCam We have also enjoyed the full support of Jason and his team. The fact is that the people at SplashCam care about their products and their clients. Their dedication has been instrumental in our success. This year as we head to the Emmy's, honored for our third year in a row as "Outstanding Cinematography" nominees, we want to thank those who have contributed to our photographic success. We want to extend a special thanks to the team at SplashCam!"

Zac McFarlane
Doug Stanley Directors of Photography
Discovery Channel's "Deadliest Catch"

"Our TV show recently purchased one of your underwater cameras and just have to say WOW! Our show and our underwater capabilities have been taken up several notches...not only will it be used on the show but our promotional dvd and educational videos...will set us apart from most of our competition!"

Thanks, Jeff Gagnow No Excuses Outdoors

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