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We believe that all moments spent exploring marine life are worth capturing. This belief, along with our passion and dedication to marine life, has led us to create our high quality SplashCam underwater cameras and underwater video products. Since 1988, our goal has been to give you the opportunity to document your underwater experiences and gather invaluable HD underwater footage.


Our passion and growing interest in marine life is reflected in our desire to offer high definition underwater cameras that will help expose its wonders and educate others. For those who are just as passionate as we are, we understand the importance of finding the best quality underwater equipment at an affordable price. We have a range of customers, from professors and students at universities around the world, to research facilities, to charter boats, to television production companies, to local anglers and divers. Regardless of who you are, you should never compromise on finding the highest quality equipment from a reputable company.


We design each camera to withstand extreme environments, from The Bering Sea to The Great Barrier Reef, and require that each of our cameras pass a rigorous quality inspection. Whether you’re planning to use our underwater cameras for commercial or recreational purposes, we guarantee that our products will not fail you.


Collecting footage is one of the strongest and most effective ways to educate others on marine life. The underwater images and videos you capture will give the world a more informed and clear perspective of underwater life. Although we reside on land, we should make an effort to understand all surrounding life, and our hope is that our products will inspire people to explore and reveal the beauty and mystery that exists beneath us.




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