Product Information

ROV Camera - Underwater Remote Camera

Seamor ROV platforms are based on a modular approach that allows for custom mechanical and electrical platform modifications without excessive custom costs.

Each vehicle uses standard modules that inter-operate with other Seamor ROV models. We understand that the system you purchase today may not be the system you will need in the future - as your needs grow, so must the equipment you use.

By purchasing a standard Seamor ROV, you open the door to expand the vehicle's size, thruster layout, umbilical length and sensor and tooling capabilities to match your needs. Most of which can be done by adding on to your existing system. All Seamor products are engineered, manufactured and assembled under exacting procedures to ensure the highest quality products leave our doors and enter our clients' hands.

All products include a 2 year Limited Warranty which can be extended to 5 years and/or transferred between owners.

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