Ocean Systems Marine Video CameraWhen heading out on the water; deciding what to include on your essential checklist might be challenging. We are here to make that decision easier for you. Whether you’re hopping in your kayak to see the Orca whales annual migration north, negotiating the rocks in your jet boat to find the perfect fishing hole or enjoying the afternoon sun on your brand new yacht while waiting to pull up a crab pot, there is one product you will always be glad you included:  SPLASH CAM.

The incredibly durable, lightweight and easy to use underwater cameras from Ocean Systems will help you enjoy whatever type of recreational activity you can imagine. Follow the adventures of scuba divers from the comfort of your deck or become your own explorer and send your camera into the tight spaces you wouldn’t otherwise be able to examine. Get an up close and personal look at the sea life you’ve only seen at aquariums up til this point or search for that sunken treasure you’ve always heard about.

You will also use the Splash Cam for safety purposes on your boat like checking the conditions of your running gear or investigating a potential anchor site which will save time and nerves so that you can be as relaxed as possible on your journey.