Marine conservation & marine video camera recommendations

Marine Conservation in the News: University of Guam The University of Guam Marine Laboratory is leading the charge of marine conservation,  as scientists are measuring the effectiveness of conservation to pro

Underwater camera history & marine video camera recommendations

History of Underwater Cameras: William Thompson Hard to believe but true: the first known underwater pictures were taken more than 150 years ago – in 1856 by Englishman William Thompson. According to The Bri

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Benefits of scuba diving for your mind, body and soul If you already enjoy scuba diving, you know how enjoyable it is – and shares how it is genuinely good for your health: mind,

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Best underwater video camera for marine observations

Ocean conservation scientist in the news: breaks freediving record Claire Paris, internationally known professor at the University of Miami, broke the USA Women’s National Freediving record in the Dynamic No

Underwater video camera records deep sea mysteries

Elusive sea creature recorded with underwater video camera Researchers have spotted an “elusive sea creature” that hadn’t been seen in 31 long years! And, cialis sales before this amazing sighting, tadal