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Umbilical Cable Reels

Ocean Systems offers handheld cable reels which hold up to 200 feet of cable. For longer lengths you can choose to upgrade to our heavy duty cable reel or our heavy duty slip ring cable reel.

DropLight 20/20 Thru-Hull Camera Lighting

The NEW DropLight 20/20 LED Illumination is here! A brand new partner to go with the proven DropShot 20/20 cameras has arrived. This light provides up to 1500 lumens of light to allow you to use your DropShot i

Underwater video camera captures incredible Amazon discovery

Stunning Underwater Discovery: Amazon Gives up Secrets The Amazon River defies description. Snaking its way through the southern hemisphere, it is approximately 4,000 miles long. A defining piece of geography

Mysterious massive coral reef captured by underwater cameras

Amazon River: More about the Incredible Underwater Discovery We recently blogged about a stunning underwater discovery made by researchers at the mouth of the Amazon. When a “big old dredge, tadalafil ” pr

Underwater cameras capture once-in-a-lifetime moments

Explore Unseen Worlds with an Underwater Video Camera In today’s share-all-on-social-media world,  it’s hard to imagine another type of world, one that is silent and deep, filled with cavernous space. It

Underwater cameras reveal incredible Ancient Mayan artifacts

Underwater Video Cameras Help Uncover Mayan Sacred Cenote Cenote: A cenote is a natural pit, or sinkhole, resulting from the collapse of limestone bedrock that exposes groundwater underneath. Especially associ

In-depth look at underwater video cameras: history and uses

Underwater Video Cameras: See (and Explore) New Frontiers According to the U.S. Department of the Interior,  approximately 71% of our planet is water – and an in-depth 2012 study estimates that 700,000

Looks like underwater video cameras will be needed!

Fascinating Uses of Underwater Research Video Cameras Because some of our best underwater video camera customers are researchers, we watch for stories when maritime archaeologists and researchers make exciting

Does this tempt you to try a marine video camera?

Underwater Camera Company Applauds Marine Conservancy As advocates for marine conservancy, we were thrilled to see a March 2016 article that shared how Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary is now the “largest prote

Underwater marine cameras provide insights into the past

Underwater Cameras, Including the Marine Video Camera, Transform Archaeology Scientists, oceanographers and archaeologists can form better theories as they gain more information – and underwater archaeology