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Excellent places to use underwater video cameras

Swim with the Turtles – and Record Them with Underwater Video Cameras Have you ever wanted to go diving with turtles? We recently ran across an article that shared five great locations to scuba dive where you

Underwater video cameras helping to solve a mystery

Deep Sea Mysteries: Tale of the Unknown Squid In 1995,  the Smithsonian Institute was given a collection of eastern Pacific squids,  but one of them just didn’t look like the others. In fact, it didn’t f

Underwater cameras capture mysteries of the deep sea

Deep-Sea Exploration Yields Incredible Underwater Photography 95% of Earth’s living space exists below the ocean’s surface, going deeply enough to cover 20 Washington Monuments (stacked one upon the other)

How will underwater cameras evolve as diving suits do?

Exploring the Deep Ocean: Cutting Edge Technology According to Marine Bio, 50-80% of all life on earth is found beneath the ocean’s surface – and less than 10% of the depths have been explored by humans. A

World history rewritten, recorded with underwater cameras

Underwater Cameras Capture Fascinating Shipwrecks We often write about how underwater cameras can capture the beauty of underwater life, but they can also capture the relics of hundreds of shipwrecks. “Havin

How to use underwater cameras & submersible video cameras

Marine Photography: Using an Underwater Camera & Submersible Video Camera If you’re interested in taking underwater photography, but are new to the adventure, National Geographic has a fantastic guide fr

Underwater photography: how light changes perception

Science of Light: How it Affects Underwater Photography As you observe objects beneath water – and especially deeper water – your perception of their colors changes. Individual colors vanish as the depth

Brilliant photography from underwater cameras

Underwater cameras capture brilliant marine photography Dive into these brilliant photos and fascinating facts about ocean life. We believe that all moments spent exploring marine life are worth capturing.

Marine conservation & marine video camera recommendations

Marine Conservation in the News: University of Guam The University of Guam Marine Laboratory is leading the charge of marine conservation,  as scientists are measuring the effectiveness of conservation to pro

Underwater camera history & marine video camera recommendations

History of Underwater Cameras: William Thompson Hard to believe but true: the first known underwater pictures were taken more than 150 years ago – in 1856 by Englishman William Thompson. According to The Bri