Does this tempt you to try a marine video camera?

Underwater Camera Company Applauds Marine Conservancy

As advocates for marine conservancy, we were thrilled to see a March 2016 article that shared how Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary is now the “largest protected ocean area in the continental United States,  spanning 6,094 square miles from the waters just north of San Francisco to the southern end of the Big Sur coast.”

This is especially important since marine life such as whales, otters and more were dying off or being driven away from this bay area. In fact, concern has existed about these waters for several decades and, as far back as the 1930s, legislation was being created to provide a protected area where natural population checks and balances could take place.

Even with those protections, climate fluctuations and potential overfishing caused problems in the ecosystem, with much of that sustainably corrected through a $55 million aquarium built in 1984 by Stanford graduates on property owned by Stanford University. This aquarium focuses on marine life living in the bay itself, allowing people to see and appreciate the region’s incredible natural resource.

Approximately two million people visit the aquarium annually from around the world. The aquarium’s program. Seafood Watch, educates visitors on the best and worst sustainable seafood choices, with more than 100,000 North American businesses adopting their guidelines and more than 1 million people downloading the corresponding app.

Underwater Camera Company Philosophy

Numerous educational facilities, researchers and more use our products, which we love, because we were founded with the vision of producing durable and affordable solutions for exploring the marine environment. Our goal is to help reveal the mysteries of the deep and spark the imagination.

Collecting footage is one of the strongest and most effective ways to educate others on marine life. The underwater images and videos you capture will give the world a more informed and clear perspective of underwater life. Although we reside on land, we should make an effort to understand all surrounding life, and our hope is that our products will inspire people to explore and reveal the beauty and mystery that exists beneath us.

Interested in doing your own underwater exploration? Here are choices of marine video cameras, including the:

  • Delta Diver: your robust eye to the underwater world!
  • Deep Blue Pro: satisfies both professional and recreational videographers, and was recently completely remade for an even better value
  • Delta Vision: most versatile choice
  • Sidewinder 360: dual camera unit, with one camera pointing down and the other scanning 360 degrees horizontally

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