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Ocean Systems offers a complete range of underwater video cameras for you to choose from. From sports fisherman to the US Navy we have what you need to see the underwater world without getting wet

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. Our cameras are robust and easy to use.  You can use them with any TV monitor or with one of our Pro Package surface monitoring & recording travel cases.

Underwater Video Cameras

Whether you need a camera for marine research purposes or want to capture footage from your recreational dives, tadalafil it’s important that you have equipment that is appropriate for your needs. SplashCam cameras are high performance marine electronics that are consistently excellent in quality.

Take a look at just a sampling of our client list for our underwater cameras. Then contact us online or call at 800-355-4234.

Deep Blue Pro Underwater Video Camera

Put the power of a mini-submersible at your fingertips! This camera has a time-tested design that is robust and satisfying to professionals and recreational videographers alike. Here’s why:

  • • High-resolution camera
  • • Extremely low-light operating capability
  • • External high-intensity LED lighting system
  • • Phenomenal color-recording capacity

Find more information about the Deep Blue Pro here.

Delta Vision Industrial Underwater Video Camera

Get the best possible underwater images with easy, worry-free deployment with the Delta Vision Industrial. This is the most versatile SplashCam underwater camera, with these benefits:

  • • Exceptional video clarity
  • • Incredible light sensitivity
  • • Flawless viewing even in harsh and challenging environments
  • • Remarkable wide-angle lens
  • • Internal lighting source that is surface-controlled

Here’s more details about the Delta Vision Industrial.

SideWinder 360 Black Underwater Video Camera

If you haven’t used a dual underwater camera unit before, you’re in for a treat. With the SideWinder 360, one camera looks straight down, while the other one pans horizontally, 360 degrees. Here are other details that you’ll appreciate:

  • • You can switch between cameras with a hand-held camera controller
  • • You can also turn the panning camera with the same convenient controller
  • • Control temperature with the flip of a switch
  • • Manage LED lighting quickly and easily; housed in a separate chamber for higher quality performance

We invite you to look at the SideWinder 360 in greater detail.

Why Choose SplashCam

Besides creating top-quality, we also build long-lasting relationships with our customers to help them uncover mysteries of the deep. We continually innovate our products to bring you the best.

Unsure which product is right for you? Contact us online for help in picking the right underwater camera. Or call at 800- 355-4234.