Scuba diving benefits mind, body and soul: here’s how

Benefits of scuba diving for your mind, body and soul

If you already enjoy scuba diving, you know how enjoyable it is – and shares how it is genuinely good for your health: mind, body and soul. Plus, it allows you to become part of a close-knit community, a way to socialize with people with similar interests and passions.

Exercising in water is excellent physical exercise because of water’s natural resistance. Scuba diving for just one hour, the article points out, can burn as many as 500 calories, comparable to an hour on a gym’s cardiovascular machine. But, scuba diving also has a meditative effect because of the slow deep breathing you do, which promotes calmness and reduces stress.

Plus, being immersed in water can provide you with an incredible experience as you “unwind, relax and forget all about the stresses of daily modern life. When divers are underwater, they are at the mercy of the ocean currents and surges. The very act of surrendering to this force instantly calms the body and allows it to flow just as the marine life does so naturally.”

National Public Radio reports how scuba diving can even help people heal from extreme trauma, including post-traumatic-stress disorder (PSTD). One Marine veteran’s life had fallen completely apart, as he lost his family and got kicked out of his apartment. He even became institutionalized where they put him through electric therapy and tried medications without luck.

Then . . . he went scuba diving.

A program offered free lessons to veterans who had received the Purple Heart and, the first time he tried scuba diving, “I was just mind-blown at how alone yet safe I felt. I just felt like nothing else mattered except for me swimming around right there. And then when I came up, I just couldn’t even express the amount of joy. It was an overwhelming sense of emotion.”

He now scuba dives at least once a week and hasn’t had one single anxiety attack in nine months – without medication. Hopefully you’ll never go through this type of trauma – but you can also find a marvelous sense of peace and joy through scuba diving.

Scuba diving video camera adds to the experience

It’s tough to fully explain what it’s like to go scuba diving to someone who hasn’t yet had the experience. Maybe impossible. But, taking a marine video camera with you allows you to share the deep water life that you see with friends and family, and lets you capture your memories.

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