Underwater cameras capture mysteries of the deep sea

Deep-Sea Exploration Yields Incredible Underwater Photography

95% of Earth’s living space exists below the ocean’s surface, going deeply enough to cover 20 Washington Monuments (stacked one upon the other) with water.

The Census of Marine Life spent ten years trying to figure out what lives in the vastness of the ocean, a “herculean task.” Scientists from more than 80 nations have been documenting the “diversity, distribution, and abundance of life in the oceans—past, present, and future.” Smithsonian Institute reports that more than 5,000 new species have been found – and it’s likely that many more have yet to be discovered.

Meanwhile, the Census of Marine Life summary report indicated that more than 6,000 new species were potentially found, and that brings the total of known marine species to nearly 250,000. “It could logically extrapolate,” the report indicates, “to at least a million kinds of marine life that earn the rank of species and to tens or even hundreds of millions of kinds of microbes.”

During this Census, which officially ended in 2010, the ocean was explored “from top to bottom, pole to pole, microbes to whales,” including in deep ocean habitats: “seamounts, hydrothermal vents, the ocean floor, and the waters around the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.”

It’s incredible, really, the diversity of creatures who have adapted to the forbidding environment of the deep ocean, described as “icy cold, pitch black, crushing.” But, there are literally thousands of creatures, including “fishes, corals, crustaceans, jellyfishes, and worms,” some of which look “quite alien . . . Some have huge eyes – or eyes on long stalks . . . Others seems to be all mouth. Their gaping jaws – often filled with fanglike teeth – are always open . . . Still other deep sea animals have transparent bodies that you can see through, enabling them to blend right in to the waters.”

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