Underwater cameras capture once-in-a-lifetime moments

Explore Unseen Worlds with an Underwater Video Camera

In today’s share-all-on-social-media world,  it’s hard to imagine another type of world, one that is silent and deep, filled with cavernous space. It’s a world where you must be patient, you must be focused, you must be still – and then your patience can be rewarded with magical, mystical moments.

Thanks to the technology of underwater cameras, a smattering of those moments have been captured for you to enjoy.

First, there is the story of the fish whisperer, Zeb Hogan, as he takes us to a remote part of Thailand where he shares up close and personal encounters with magnificent monster fish, living fossils, a living Loch Ness.

Another video shares a glimpse of the rare whiplash squid, found in the deep waters of Hawaii, one seldom seen alive. This squid can travel 2 to 2.5 miles per hour and can emit a bright light that scientists suspect is used to blind prey, help the squid to see distances and court a mate.

Here is a look at the first observation in the field of Omura’s whale, which was unexpectedly found off the coast of Madagascar. This whale ranges from 33 to 38 feet long and can travel 20 kilometers per hour (about 12.4 miles per hour).

In uncharted waters off of Hawaii, explorers see mysterious creatures, one for the very first time. And, off of the coast of Turkey, a large “blob” was discovered, with one scientist believing it to be a giant mass of red flying squid eggs. It’s estimated that literally millions of eggs could be in this mass, with only one other example ever documented before. That was seen in 2008 in the Gulf of California, and was a 10-to-13-foot mass.

Ready to Explore with an Underwater Video Camera?

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