World history rewritten, recorded with underwater cameras

Underwater Cameras Capture Fascinating Shipwrecks

We often write about how underwater cameras can capture the beauty of underwater life, but they can also capture the relics of hundreds of shipwrecks. “Having set sail to discover, tadalafil trade, or wage war, the boats never reached safe harbour and exist now as time capsules beneath the waves.” One of these ships housed what may be the world’s first programmable computer: the Antikythera.

This device was probably invented before the second century BCE. Using a complex pattern of gears and dials, it worked as a calendar, as a method for moon tracking and to predict eclipses. “It’s an object out of time: no other artefact as complex was built during the thousand years after the mechanism’s creation – that we know of.”

The mechanism was named after the shipwreck containing it, where it remained until 1900 when Greek sponge divers found it and began bringing artifacts to the surface. In 1953 and 1976, Jacques Cousteau explored the wreck, bringing up statues, coins and gemstones.

Now a new team is exploring the wreckage, using technology that allows them to stay underwater for longer amounts of time. While planning their dives, they located a second wreck nearby, one mentioned by Cousteau and likely involving a Roman ship from up to the fourth century BCE. It’s possible that these two wrecks are in fact part of one larger shipwreck.

Because only half of the Antikythera mechanism has been recovered, excavators are watching for areas that show higher metal densities. If lead artifacts are found, a lead isotope profile will be developed to determine where the ship was built or sailed from.

What else might be found? “We can’t even imagine. The possibilities are boundless. This ship sank carrying the finest material that was available in the entire eastern Mediterranean in the first century BC,” said Dr. Brendan Foley, head of the expedition. The hull planks of this wreck are among the thickest found in antiquity and may have carried tourists and freight alike, the luxury cruise liner of its era. Some contemporary text referred to these vessels as “floating palaces: mosaic floors, libraries, and amazing cabins.”

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